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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: General Public Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20200108

FROM: Sydney To: Brisbane

DATE: 12 January 2020

POSITION:  Coffs Harbour

REPORT BY: Red Watch

We write this report as the ship moves ever so close to the destination which we have been longing for since 9 am yesterday when we first raised our sails. Yesterday (11 Jan) started easily with fried eggs and bacon being served to all who wanted it. The knotting competition was held in the galley as the weather was too poor to tie knots, yet fine to sail a 100 ft boat. We starting sailing quickly after we pulled up the anchor, with only the foresail, jib and staysail being hauled up, as the wind was a speedy 20 knots. We set out for a swimming location, aiming to get there after lunch, yet as the destination was approaching it was clear that few would be swimming, and the decision was made to continue the non-stop fun to Coffs Harbour. For lunch we enjoyed burritos cooked by the multitalented chef, Hugh, and cleansed our pallets with some watermelon soon after.

The wind had died down by this time, and the main sail was raised to keep the speed which we needed to get us to Coffs. Also around this time we saw the first to fall to the sickness of the sea, with some leaned over the railing of the ship, and others resigning to their bunks with buckets preparing for the worst. Those who still could eat ended their day with some delicious chicken stir fry with apricot Danish and custard to wash it down. After dinner we were about 10 hours into our journey, yet all of those who plotted on our navigation knew we weren’t even half way to Coffs harbour. Each watch then withstood 4 hours watches in the darkness, with the moon greeting us occasionally, yet mostly hidden behind the clouds, in the order of Red, then White, then Blue.

On the 12th the day started anew with the sails still up, with the Blue group greeting the Red and White groups which had just woken up. However, instead of the gloomy sky which met the horizon the previous day, we were surprised with a beautiful blue sky with few clouds. Hugh cooked up some unexpected but very much welcomed pancakes served with any type of condiment one could hope for. Soon the rotations of the groups started again, with occasional gybes keeping us active as we tried not to fall back into the comfort of sleep.

We enjoyed a lovely Italian pasta with cheesy bread for lunch and some lamingtons for afternoon tea. And as we sailed towards Coffs Harbour we compared sun burns and our ranges of knots, before discussing the point of day light savings. Our last meal of the day came as a hearty meal of bangers and mash, with some peaches and custard. And as we mentioned earlier, this part of the journey is coming to an end as the light of Coffs Harbour draws near, and the possibility of a bed which sits still sends anticipation throughout the crew.

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