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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Ormiston College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20200918

FROM: Manly to Manly

DATE: 19 September 2020

POSITION:  South Tangalooma Road, Moreton Is

REPORT BY: White Watch

After we woke up, we cleaned the brass at the helm including the bell then we had breakfast. After that, we did our knot tying competition, and we won both the reef and figure of eight knots. Then we went hiking on the sand dunes on Moreton Island and reached the top of the highest dune, it was hot and tiring but white watch showed what their made of and pushed through. At the top we did some exploring before deciding we would go back to the sea. Jack decided to sprint down and ended up having a massive stack and nearly breaking his neck, which Mrs Gore-Brown did not like and made everyone carefully walk down.

Then we went swimming in the sea and came home. Daniel had three hamburgers which caused quite a bit of commotion below deck. Then we sailed, led by their magnificent bosun who ensured the team was safe and that everybody was doing their job. We mixed our corn with our delicious mashed potato and ate it on deck. Two of the finest members of the team, Katie and Kelsey, went onto the bowsprit and Kelsey nearly fell out when the ship heeled over. We then had to bring down the sail at night and only two people had head torches so it was difficult but the white team led by their bosun pulled through and got the job done. The team enjoyed some of Cath’s yummy blueberry cheesecake and went to bed. Katie, Kelsey and Sadeesh

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