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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Youth Gold Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20201204

FROM: Manly to Manly

DATE: 7 December 2020

POSITION:  Coffs Harbour

REPORT BY: White Watch

Day four started at 12am for white watch, with our shift ending at four. Steering, chatting and on lookout, all whilst withstanding the cold we managed to steer the ship for four hours in pitch black. During these hours we saw two dolphins and bio luminescence throughout the water. Thankfully rain only came when blue watch relieved us.

We arrived in Coffs Harbour at 6am and were anchored until 9am until finally we were able to enter the marina. With a quick hour of clean-up, also known as squashing miscellaneous items onto our bunks so the room looked “Tidy”, we were released to explore the beach and scenic lookouts. In search of hot chips and ice cream, we were satisfied with the outcome. Discovering we had use to the public showers was definitely a bonus for many (including the crew). After a day of hiking, shopping for snacks and swimming at the patrolled beach we returned to the ship.

At 5pm a great debate started when the results of the knot comp were questioned but as expected white took out the win! The day ended with a beautiful sunset whilst eating bangers and mash. Maddi & Kaylee

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