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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Townsville Grammar School

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20190724

FROM: Townsville To: Townsville

DATE: 25 July 2019

POSITION: Orpheus Is

REPORT BY: White Watch

For the white watch group, our day 2 started bright and early at 0400 for the morning watch which finished at 0800. We spent the time being watch keepers by checking the bearings, anchor light and neighbouring vessels, as well as polishing all the brass on deck. The bugle was then blown at 0630 to wake up the rest of the crew. A cold and warm breakfast was then served.

Soon after it was time to set sail and the mainsail was the responsibility of our white watch group. We then set off in very low wind conditions resulting in a 7 hour trip to Orpheus Island which unfortunately prevented us from going snorkelling. However, we had the opportunity to participate in a range of fun activities such as working the helm (steering), Gybing (changing direction) and looking out for anything nearby. There was also a knot tying competition which our watch group dominated!

Once we arrived to the Island at around 1700 we had to release the sails back down and anchor off for the night. At around 1800 we had dinner and desert with a beautiful sunset. Then at about 2130 it was lights out. Annie, Anna and Issy


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