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South Passage Daily Report


VOYAGE NUMBER:  20220618

FROM: Cairns to Cairns

DATE: 20 June 2022

POSITION: Michaelmas Cay

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

We woke up on a cold windy morning at Sudbury reef. After a long rocky night sleep, we made our way to the deck and the cold and rainy weather hit us. After countless attempts of perfecting the bowline knot, we finally competed in the competition, and we won. Hugh the cook called us up to breakfast and filled us up with hashbrowns, spaghetti and toast. ‘Yum yum thank you hughy’ as Weaver said excitedly!

As the day went by, we headed off on a voyage north to Michaelmas Cay. On the sail we had to gybe multiple times. As we approached Michaelmas Cay, we continued a straight direction past it. Then, many dolphins approached the ship leaping out of the water. the many noises they made to communicate with each other entertained us.

We turned around beating into the wind and the waves and slowly made our way back to the little island. The nesting of the birds made a horrible smell and screeching noises. We then went swimming and saw multiple fish and different types of animals. We finished of the day with a beautiful meal of tender beef stroganoff and cheesecake for dessert.

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