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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Youth School Holiday Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20190707

FROM: Cairns To: Townsville

DATE: 11 July 2019


REPORT BY: White Watch

We began the day at 6am polishing brass, against the backdrop of a beautiful sunrise. We all slept like rocks the night before and it took a few pokes to get us to drag our feet out of bed. Poor Josh, who was celebrating a whole day without feeding the fish yesterday, made up for it today by giving up his own eating time to sustain the fish. We hope he feels better tomorrow!

Despite being down one comrade, the wondrous White Watch, against the threat of the blustering Blue Watch and the ridiculous Red Watch, emerged victorious in the knotting competition by a whole two seconds! Shortly thereafter, we hoisted the sails and cruised along the gorgeous coast. The mountain tops were hugged by the clouds like a scene straight from The Hobbit. As we sailed, whales waved and a turtle came by to greet us.

We headed from Cape Richards to Orpheus Island, where we docked for a couple of hours and some of us enjoyed climbing the rocks. Gazing at the crystal clear water down below and the picturesque horizon as the sun set over the water was the highlight of our day. Others, however, braved the cold water to snorkel among the fish (and the eels) and found this a rewarding experience.

After Orpheus Island, we headed to Palm Island where we were treated to a delicious chicken stir fry dinner which silenced our grumbling stomachs. This was followed by fruit and custard for dessert, with a side of navigation activities. These activities complemented the earlier Scavenger Hunt in which we partook, with some friendly competition between those who took it seriously and ran around the boat trying to find the different parts in record time. Will the wise wizardly White Watch once again defeat the rabble-raising Red Watch and blundering buccaneering Blue Watch? Jacquelene, Rebekah, Maria, Kate

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