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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Cairns School Holiday Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20190702

FROM: Cairns To: Cairns

DATE: 3 July 2019

POSITION: Sudbury Cay

REPORT BY: White Watch

We woke up at 5am on the day of the 3rd of July. We got up and took detailed measurements of the degrees that the beacons were. This was done to calculate and determined whether our ship had swung around the anchor while we were resting. After this was done, we polished the bell, the wheel and the bugle. At 6:30, we attempted to blow the “boogle” and woke everyone who was sleep. One of our watch members failed this dramatically and instead we resorted to yelling “Jenny Craig” and “It’s Wednesday my dudes”. This proved to be the decisive factor in our journey to wake everyone up. After this, we had a huge breakfast consisting of baked beans, toast and scrambled eggs.

Our skipper then had a great idea to scale the Fitzroy Island peak. We were ferried ashore and we scaled it in two and a half hours after taking an unexpected detour up to the Fitzroy mountain summit. Then we rode back to the South Passage in a dinghy where we then raised the sails.

Setting sail on a 110 degree angle, we set course to Sudbury Cay, which was approximately two and a bit hours away. During our free time we embarked on the bowsprit, a net on the front of the ship which has the ability to hold students while the ship is moving. This allowed us to experience many spills and bumps which more often than not ended up with us being soaking wet.




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