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South Passage Daily Report


VOYAGE NUMBER:  20190622

FROM: Cairns To: Cairns

DATE: 24 June 2019

POSITION: Milln Reef

REPORT BY: Red Watch

Breakfast was served, watch members with the number 6 washed up. A knotting competition was had; the ship was checked for cleaning/neatness. Groups of 6 were taken to Fitzroy Island for a hike. Hiked to the lighthouse on Fitzroy and back, again going back to the ship in groups of 6. Ate lunch; sails were prepped. Red Watch had first shift. Sailed West towards Milln Reef. Arrived at the reef at around 4:30pm. Sails were put down and a knotting competition was had again. Dinner was served. Watch members with the number 1 washed up. Red watch had first night shift, 2000-2400.




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