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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Sail Trek Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20190609

FROM: Townsville To: Cairns

DATE: 13 June 2019

POSITION: Fitzroy Is

REPORT BY:White Watch

Today was a day of mixed weather, motor sailing and numerous gybes. It was a day of flaking, hauling, sweating and coiling. It was a day with halyards, sheets, preventers, reefing lines, vangs and downhauls. It was a day where the off duty watches helped the duty watch to raise and lower sail. It was a day of conversations, of sorting out the problems of the world, from the rolling deck of the South Passage. It was a day of sunshine, showers, high winds and no winds. It was a day of lying in the sun, dolphins off the port side and cleaning the catch of the day (mackerel). It was a day of stories shared and jokes told over a wine and beer on Fitzroy Island.

Tonight was a night of cooking, washing up and musical performances. It was a night of mackerel entrée, steak dinners and sticky date puddings for desert. It was a night of jelly fish stories, singing, harmonicas, poetry, feeding frenzies, paper airplanes and kind words for new friends. It was a night of gentle rocking in a sheltered bay, soft snoring and anchor watch duties.

This voyage was a voyage of sailing and hiking. It was a voyage of tropical islands, muddy trails and the bluest seas. It was a voyage of learning new skills, making new friends and finding inner strengths. It was a voyage of connection, concentration, determination and laughter. For some, just another voyage; for others a voyage they will remember always.

This is “South Passage”.



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