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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Emerald Christian College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20190527

FROM: Rosslyn Bay To: Airlie Beach

DATE: 29 May 2019

POSITION: Scawfell Is

REPORT BY: Red Watch

Red Watch woke up at 5am to polish and clean the brass at the helm of the boat. We began the day with a figure of eight knot tying competition. Once the competition was complete, we headed back down in the coach house to eat a hot breakfast. After breakfast we packed our bags and used the rubber ducky to get ashore to Middle Percy Island. While we were travelling to Middle Percy Island we came across thousands of migrating butterflies and they were going super speedy. When we arrived at Middle Percy we explored the yachties memorial shack. After the enjoyable two hours on the beach eating coconuts and swimming in the crystal clear waters, we took a group photo and found our way back to South Passage.

When we arrived back on ship the skipper requested we tidied the bunks and got changed into dry clothes. The captain asked all three watch groups to come on deck to prepare the sails. Jo, our Bosun, enjoyed this part of the day and especially the chicken burritos served for lunch. In the afternoon our watch leader Mr Neil gave us a treasure hunt to identify all the different parts of the ship and locate them on a sketch of the ship. The skipper later caught a spotted mackerel which provided protein for breakfast.

As it approached sunset we had another knot tying competition and we had to tie a bowline – blue team came first and we came second. Even though we came second we impressed Mr Neil with our incredible knot tying skills. After that we were called for dinner and had bangers and mash and banana custard for dessert prepared by our lovely chef Mr Crichton.

In the evening we endured two and a half hours of night sailing. Putting the sails down in the dark showed us that we were capable of doing a proper job. During this time Shahni counted four shooting stars and Janine counted one, because she was too distracted making sure Ethan wasn’t betraying the rest of the team. Eventually we arrived at Scawfell Island and we lowered the anchor which made a loud ticking noise.




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