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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Saint Stephens College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20190408

FROM: Manly To: Manly

DATE: 9 April 2019

POSITION: Currigee, South Stradbroke Is

REPORT BY: White Watch

Tuesday started off with an early morning start from white watch (obviously the best group). The four hour watch consisted of polishing the brass on the helm, taking compass readings, cleaning bathrooms, starting our log booklets and watching the sun rise.

After our watch finished, we had breakfast and the sails were raised with a combined effort from all three groups. We then sailed from Peel Island to South Stradbroke Island, practicing our new skills that we learnt along the way. We learnt two new knots, the Reef knot and the Figure Eight knot. Just letting you know, white watch won both knot competitions. On the way here, we managed to retrieve a tackle table from the water that we gifted to a nearby family. It was quite a score.

Once we got to South Stradbroke we anchored the ship. Unfortunately the current was too strong to jump and swim around the ship, but instead went for a swim on the shore. For dinner we had bangers and mash that was very nice. We had a more relaxed night as we got here quite early and we are looking forward to tomorrow’s adventures. XOXO White Group


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