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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Byron Bay

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20190319

FROM: Manly To: Manly

DATE: 19 March 2019

POSITION: Big Sandhills, Moreton Is

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

Wake up at 6:30. Cold breakfast (cereal). Fire escape drill. Hot breakfast (scrambled eggs, baked beans). Learnt to sail (belaying , knot tying etc.). Set sail to Morton Island, practised tacking as a whole group.

Red watch took over ship while other watches ate lunch (salad and salami/ham rolls). Groups who were on break took turns sitting out the net in front of the bow.  Watches rotated throughout day, everyone took turns in different positions or jobs (lookout, deck check, steering etc.).

Arrived offshore from Morton Island, anchored and took down sails as a whole group. Jumped off boat and climbed pole to kiss mermaid. Had knot tying competition and watched pretty sunset.

Had dinner (chicken drumsticks, rice, gravy, vegies and vegetarian option i.e. falafels). Had apple pie and custard for dessert. Played cards. Night watch rotations began. Measured bearings of lights and wind speed etc, recorded in logbook.

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