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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Redlands College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180218

FROM: Manly TO: Manly

DATE: 18 February 2018

POSITION: Tangalooma Wrecks

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

We set foot at the Manly Boat Harbour at around 08:45. We learnt the main skills for what we needed for our trip. We left the boat harbour at around 9:30 and travelled for around 4 and a half hours.  During this journey we spilt up into three groups called watches and performed the expected protocols for sailing the South Passage boat.

We then had lunch and it was amazing, we all had ham with fresh salad rolls.  After learning these life lessons we went for a swim, the water was rather cool and had a very heavy current. After that we all came back on the boat and dried off.

We all then participated in a knot competition. We knotted a round turn and two half hitches. Red Watch took home first prise, well not literally home we are still on the boat. After that we all settled down and had dinner which was splendid chicken drumsticks with carrots, peas, some rice and gravy. We then had some lovely desert which was apple pie and some custard.

We are now all down stairs in the bunks preparing for bed as we are all exhausted from the big day. Wish us all the best, as we need as much sleep as we can get for our night shifts. Ruby


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