We then learnt how to put up all the sails by our knowledgeable Watch Leader Mark
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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: GPV Adult Sail & Walk

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20240601

FROM: Townsville To: Townsville

DATE: 1 June 2024

POSITION: Horseshoe Bay Magnetic Is

REPORT: White Watch

The day began with a 6am shower, brekky and a safety briefing by the charming and handsome Sailing Master Mal. Clever Skipper Chris executed a very skillful 3 point turn, to make our way out of the Marina.

We then learnt how to put up all the sails by our knowledgeable Watch Leader Mark. Mick and Steve both fell on top of each other as a result of over sweating whilst we all hoisted the Main Sail, (that’s the big one at the back of the boat which is the ‘Stern’).

We then sailed under the guidance of our watch ‘The White Watch’ and anchored at Horseshoe Bay. Bernie made burlie but waited till her navigation training finished. Clever Bern.

Part of our group opted to do a massive hike to The Fort, which they took the bus to save time. Walking 9km, they saw 3 Koalas and 2 Kookaburras and learned about Townsville’s and Magnetic Island’s role in World War 2. At the end of the walk, the group stopped at the Pub, for a quick drink to celebrate a crew members (Helen) birthday.

The other part of the group opted to swim from the Tall Ship to shore, after being told it was about 500m, when we got there 925m later, but it was beautiful. They looked around the main street, had a coffee, went for a lovely walk along the Butterfly walk, saw 2 butterflies, 2 wallabies (which may have been the same one twice) and lots of beautiful trees. They then swam back to the ship, had a few jumps off the side and waited for dinner superbly prepared by Super Cook Cath. (One crew member didn’t think so, as she threw it down the stairs, luckily breaking its fall with her body).

We finished the day with a ropes lesson, followed by a roast chicken dinner and apple pie for dessert.

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