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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: TC Canberra Navy Cadets

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20181130

FROM: Sydney To: Sydney

DATE: 1 December 2018

POSITION: Refuge Bay

REPORT BY: White Watch

We left Canberra at 4:30 on Friday. It was a nice day with a bit of wind, and we arrived at port around 9:45 pm. Once we got onto South Passage we went to set up our bunks and pack our belongings away.

The next day we headed off to Broken Bay. As we exited Sydney we saw HMAS Darwin on its way to its grave as it was getting blown up soon. The way up to Broken Bay was calm for most of the time as we were moving at a steady 5 knots. While we were sailing, South Passage tilted to its side at 15o angle, where it was around a meter from the ocean.

After 6 hours of sailing we arrived at Broken Bay where we saw massive jellyfishes and views to die for. We anchored the ship and we went for a swim at a nearby beach. The water was nice and cool which was good for the sunburn everyone got. Some of us also went to the waterfall which was freezing cold.

Once everyone got out of the water and dried off, we went back on South Passage, we spent the rest of that evening doing “knot competitions” and having supper. The food on South Passage was great. For cold breakfast there was cereal, for hot breakfast there was porridge, for lunch there was sandwiches that had tomato, lettuce, cheese, ham and salami and for supper we had chicken drumsticks with gravy and vegetables. Overall South Passage was a great experience which everyone enjoyed and would do again if asked.


Another glorious day saw us arrive in Refuge Bay a short time before 1600 hrs after a rather slow trip along the northern beaches. Just off Newport Beach the wind picked up to allow us some real sailing, and a canting deck which provided a new level of excitement for the day.

An illustrious rendition of “my old man’s a dustman”, by some more senior members of the crew (they shall remain un-named, rounded off the evening meal as everyone despatched what was left of the apple pie and custard, or was that cream? Or both?

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