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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: St Phillips Christian College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20181122

FROM: Sydney To: Sydney

DATE: 23 November 2018

POSITION: Farm Cove, Sydney Harbour

REPORT BY: White Watch

We woke up at 6 to polish the skipper’s brass. We then had turns playing the bugle to wake up everyone else (it was extremely hard). We then had a cold breakfast and then had a hot breakfast after this. We enjoyed our breakfast (the jam was the best) and was very full afterwards. There was a reef knot contest that we ended up winning which put all the teams into equal first. We then had another contest which was focusing on the backstay’s. We came second in the backstays competition (it was really close and we could only win using our teamwork skills).

Everyone on the boat worked together to put up the sails and we started to sail very fast. The boat tilted so far that some people had water covering their whole body. They thought they were going to go overboard. Through these difficulties we sailed to Chowder bay and anchored there. When we anchored we were next to a huge army ship more than 10 times as big as our ship! We then had a great lunch which was hamburgers and Josh ate 3 of them.

After lunch we got into a dinghy and rode it to the jetty were we then went for a swim in Chowder beach. We played a big game of touch football. Then some brave people jumped from the jetty and swam all the way back to the ship, our ship was 200 meters away in shark infested waters. Some people jumped off the ship to ‘kiss the mermaid’. To ‘kiss the mermaid’ we had to climb backwards on a sloping net, with thin ropes and the ship going back and forth constantly. Alas we set sail for Shark Island, and then came back to Sydney harbour where we anchored in Farm Cove.

Dinner was magnificent, the gravy glistening along the mashed potato mixed in with sausages and tiny carrots and beans. This was followed up with a delicious dessert of cheesecake. After dinner everyone was hyped to go onto the deck, where we saw this massive cruise ship that was as tall as Mount Everest. After that we had a talent show that consisted of some amazing and not so amazing acts. The winner of the talent was Maya’s group. After that our watch group settled into our watching hours where we found some crucial points to find bearing with. Wit in that we got to see Sydney’s amazing lights, not to mention the very annoying noisy neighbours that we do not appreciate that much. Then we had hot chocolate and biscuits that tasted amazing. And now we are in bed looking forward for the next day.

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