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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: St Phillips Christian College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20181110

FROM: Sydney To: Sydney

DATE: 11 November 2018

POSITION: Refuge Bay

REPORT BY: White Watch

We were put into 3 different watch groups blue, red and white, we all had set shifts at different times throughout the day. White watch was assigned an early morning watch from 4-8. We did it in groups of three Stella, Eleanor and Heidi woke up at 5. After we were all up at 6 our whole group ate a quick cold breakfast and we began our first watch for the day, 6-8.this watch included polishing brass such as, a wheel, a trumpet etc. after this we hung out on deck practicing our knots, getting ready for our first knot competition the reef knot. Our team placed second in this competition and we were pretty happy with our result.

Then we began to sail up to Broken Bay. Before we could go anywhere we had to put up our sails. Our watch did the head sails at the front of the boat. It was great weather with hardly any wind. For lunch we had burgers which were very nice. Continuing our journey we had a second watch shift. This shift was 12-3 and we rotated from positions such as helm, starboard lookout, deck check, port lookout and backups for all of those. Then after our watch we still had a few hours before our arrival at Broken Bay. We spent our time harnessed over the bowsprit, hanging out and talking with friends.

At our arrival there was a predicament. We were immediately confronted with the amount of jellyfish in the waters and had an exhilarating hype time watching them. They were enormously and drastically traumatizing and we are extremely grateful for the magestical speed boat that took us to our destination. Our destination being the sand banks of the glistening deep blue ocean. Once our feet had felt the crushed up shells between our toes we knew we had to swim. We dived in the muddy, disgusting, jelly fish polluted water and swam for a minute. It then became excruciatingly unbearably freezing cold and most of us departed the “island”.

After setting foot back on South Passage, we were able to complete our next knotting competition the figure of eight. This competition glorified our watch as we took the victory as we were as speedy as a seagull chasing a chip. Next was dinner which was a blast as we were blessed with the production of Cath’s marvellous stew. Finally we spent our final hours before lights out hanging out with our friends.

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