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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: St Stephens College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20181001

FROM: Hervey Bay To: Manly

DATE: 1 October 2018

POSITION: Platypus Bay

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

At 6:30 am all crew were awake and cold breakfast was served. Shortly after, a hot breakfast was served, followed by a very detailed safety briefing. We all separated into our watches and got our lifejackets fitted and went over emergency situations. Each watch in the morning had to help raise the sails together. Blue watch raised the jib and the staysail and were taught how to properly tie off knots and work together as a team. Soon after we were up and running, each watch had rotational hours of work we had to do. Some of the tasks each watch had to do included a lookout, a navigator, a deck checker and bosun.

At around 2pm we anchored in Platypus Bay and went for a swim in the beautiful clear waters.  When it started to get darker, everyone came back to the boat to get ready for our competition against the other watches. This competition included each member of their watch successfully completing the round-turn two-half hitches as fast as they could. This was followed by dinner and a delicious dessert. Day 1 was a huge success and a learning day that every voyager enjoyed.

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