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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: General Public Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180110

FROM: Sydney TO: Brisbane

DATE: 14 January 2018

POSITION: Coffs Harbour

REPORT BY: Red Watch

Red watch went to bed at 12 am after watching the stars for a few hours. We were wet and cold and very glad when White watch had taken over our shift. We all slept like logs. Mark came and woke us all up at 7am, 1 hour before our next shift. We had cold breakfast first and pancakes for hot breakfast.

Our day started with relatively smooth sailing and watching dolphins go by. This was honestly an amazing experience that we will never forget. The wind decided to pick up rocking the boat but it caused plenty of laughs and excitement. A little later in the day we dropped the mainsail due to strong winds, however this caused us to arrive in Coffs Harbour 3 hours earlier than our prior estimated time of arrival.

Before we exited the boat we had our daily knot competition, blue watch winning yet again. Every person then headed into the harbour stocking up on lollies and ice cream, sadly causing a sugar high. With all the new found energy we decided to head out and watch the sunset, another truly amazing thing to see. The biggest high of the day was when everyone got into the showers and washed all the salt water off.

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