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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Holiday Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180924

FROM: Manly TO: Hervey Bay

DATE: 27 Sept 2018

POSITION: Rooney Point

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

Today, after anchoring at Moon Point, we set sail for Moon Island where we went for a swim in the crystal-clear water and managed to pick up some rubbish (luckily, there wasn’t too much), but there were many pelicans gathered on the island. For lunch, we ate some tasty chicken burritos before the knot-tying competition where we had to complete the bowline knot which the White Watch won. We then travelled to Platypus Bay where we would anchor for the night. On the way to Platypus Bay, we encountered many chances to perform tacks and more excitingly, we saw many whales breaching that passed us by.

Before dinner, which was a beef stew hotpot, we had another knotting competition with the Clove Hitch which the Blue Watch won (Yay us!). Finally, we elected the positions for the final day including the Skipper, Sailing Master, Navigator and the Watch Leaders. The people who filled these positions were Charlie, Phillip, Lauren, respectively, and for Red Watch, White Watch and Blue Watch, the leaders elected were Dylan, Alondra and Rebecca. At the end of the night, we all came together to entertain the crew, singing along to the ukulele and putting up fairy lights.

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