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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Flexi Schools Brisbane

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180912

FROM: Manly TO: Manly

DATE: 12 Sept 2018

POSITION: Tangalooma, Moreton Is

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

This morning we woke up a little earlier than we normally would, we left the house with a bag. In the bag we had my essentials, a blanket, clothes, a safety item, chocolate and some feelings of anxiety, apprehension and contemplation of the day ahead. No regrets!

We made it to school before Ofa did, and when she arrived, we rushed to the toilets as we had been hanging on, then we finally left in the school bus, stopped for 14 hash browns, ‘may I please have 14 hash browns?’ and headed to William Gunn Jetty to leave land for 3 whole days!

When we arrived we followed Louise our watch leader to the spot where we could lower our bags into the main saloon. We unpacked all our gear, figured our bunks out and made our beds. We were introduced the rest of the crew members and were given a thorough safety briefing. We then set sail.

We were assigned as Blue Watch – and our first job for the day – raising the jib and the stay sail. In amongst all of this we were shown, the figure 8 knot, our timetables, belaying and releasing the down hauls.

Lunch came quickly – we ate rolls with fresh salads and ham and salami. It was yum! Cath showed us what to do and how to be in the galley and kitchen area. We’ve all got jobs, and we’ll get to do them over the next couple days.

After lunch we continued our voyage to Tangalooma. Blue Watch had our rotations of positions on the deck. Helm, Deck Check, Starboard lookout, Portside Lookout, Standby Helm, Standby Port lookout. After a full round of that we zig zagged our way into Tangalooma.

We arrived at Tangalooma around 4pm, and we went in lots of six to shore in the rubber dinghy. Some climbed the dunes, some went swimming, some went sitting, some went fishing, some went running downhill.

After half an hour or so we went back to the ship and got into warm clothes and had a knotting comp. We were reluctant to participate at first because we were nervous about being in front of everyone, and maybe judged, but we did it and we survived.

We then were second in line and blue watch had their dinner. Then we had dessert, a sing-a-long and now were writing this log. Needless to say – it’s been a full day and just the beginning of our anchor watch until midnight. Stay tuned for more stories, on the Flexi South Passage Voyage!

Over and out – Blue Watch aka Albert Park Flexible Learning Centre

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