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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Somerset College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180903

FROM: Bundaberg TO: Manly

DATE: 3 Sept 2018

POSITION: Arch Cliffs, Fraser Is

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

Woke up at 0600 for breakfast and got dressed. We then prepared the sails at 0630, followed by a hot breakfast. After this we began sailing towards Fraser Island from Bundaberg. At the beginning, the weather was partially cloudy and the water was calm. However, the clouds casted over completely and the seas turned rough. A lot were sick, with the weakest taking quarters in the bunks.

Tim led excellently, with the blue watchers performing to an exemplary standard. In fact, two model students Ziggy Enoch and Lachie Sowerby went out onto the bow sprit. The day couldn’t have got any better, with the Jib snapping completely, alas the Blue watchers who rose to the task of lowering the jib back down to safety. The blue watchers seemed to have truly bonded through this experience.

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