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South Passage Daily Report


VOYAGE NO.: 20180817

DATE: 20/8/18

POSITION: Double Bay

REPORT BY: Red Watch.


G’day mate. Today we woke up at 0400hrs for our morning watch which went on till 0800hrs. We visited Gloucester Island, which we had anchored next to. Going ashore we got to have fun on the beach while others went swimming. We rode our way back to the ship with the trusty “fizz boat”, and mustered with our watches to prepare and raise the sails.

We started our afternoon watch from 1200hrs to 1500hrs; it was exhausting since we hadn’t had much rest. Red watch, with the assistance of the other members of the crew, sailed the boat out into the open sea where the wind picked up to 20 knots. Some of our watch had problems with the heeling towards the leeward side, but eventually overcame them.

The crew had turns on the bowsprit, mostly getting soaked and having a great time. The skipper changed course from Hook Island to Double Bay Island, since the weather would have not permitted us to arrive on time. He decided to cancel the knot competition which we were all glad about. We had not had much time to practice. We then had dinner and prepared for our watch (2000hrs to 0000hrs) by playing UNO and betting against the dishes. We had a great but exhausting day.

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