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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: The Cathedral School

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180807

FROM: Townsville TO: Townsville

DATE: 7 August 2018


REPORT BY: Blue Watch

9:32 – The Adventurers boarded the South Passage sailing boat.

9:35 – They settled into their bunks and split into watch groups

9:55 – They learnt the basics of the boat and knot tying

10:15 – there was a safety briefing on deck

10:50 – got ready to leave the mainland for the next 10 days and prepare for the wilderness of the sea

11:10 – leaving the harbour

11:30 – splitting up into watch-groups in preparation for raising the sails

12:00 – all civilization was lost (phones saying SOS only)

1:00 – lunch was served (we were all starving)

2:00 – first sight of sea wildlife (a whale and its calf)

2:10 – the first watch as a group began (all childhood dreams coming true – steering the wheel)

3:00 – prep for knot tying comp between the watch groups (Blue team won)

3:10 – Mrs Body lost the knot tying practice run against Bradley (she was NOT happy)

3:45 – people began to venture out onto the net at the bow of the sail boat

4:30 – admiring the amazing sunset

5:00 – 5:30 – getting some sick pics for insta

6:00 – taking down the sails for the day and anchoring at Palm Island

6:30 – finally sitting down for a nice dinner and dessert

7:00 – chilling around the table

8:00 – night watch began for Bobbie, Bec and Maja

9:30 – lights out

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