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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Trinity Anglican School

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180721

FROM: Cairns TO: Townsville

DATE: 24 July 2018

POSITION: Horseshoe Bay

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

We began the day with an early start for blue watch with a 5:00am start to set sail. This was because we wanted to catch the high tide and cross Lucinda bar, Lucinda being most well-known for having the longest jetty in the southern hemisphere (5.6km). This early morning start to the day was very different and slightly challenging having to pull up the anchor, set the boat up for voyage and navigate all in the dark, cold, early hours before the sun woke for another day. We then woke the rest of the teams and crew up at the standard 6:30am time with the lovely, not-quite-in-tune sound of the bugle. A classic bacon and eggs combo was for breakfast which set everyone in a cheery mood for our shore visit at the picturesque Orpheus Island.

The first view of the sun rising over the back of the island was a breath-taking sight as we all relaxed by exploring some of the island, swimming, and climbing (more like conquering) the bowsprit to kiss the figurehead golden mermaid. After our mini vacation, we once again set sail, working together in our watches to make our way to our overnight stop, Horseshoe Bay on Magnetic Island. For lunch we had mouth-wateringly delicious burritos, while we sat in the main cabin playing a few intense rounds of competitive card games.

Each group took turns to do the watch duties which consisted of a rotation of roles, such as the various lookouts, the deck checker, the navigator and logbook writer, and the helms person. Each team had almost mastered the art of tacking relatively smoothly without too much hassle, so our journey to Magnetic Island was for the most part smooth.

Once arriving at around 5:30pm, we participated in our second knot-tying competition for the day followed by a Chinese Chicken stir-fry for dinner and a fruit salad for dessert. More intense and new card games were played as usual before the skipper ran through the next day’s plans with us. Then finally at 9:30 it was lights out for a well-deserved rest after another long day, but remembering that each group still had 4 hours of night watch to follow on to the next and final day of our 2018 sailing trip on the magnificent ‘South Passage’.

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