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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: General Public Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180707

FROM: Cairns TO: Cairns

DATE: 12 July 2018

POSITION: Arlington Reef Complex

REPORT BY: Red Watch

Today we travelled from Hastings Reef to the Arlington Reef Complex, which turned out to be an amazingly stunning place. It was full of coral and clear waters protected by the reef, and, although the wind and ocean were cold, we jumped off the boat and ventured to the sand island using the dingy. Travelling to the island saw every passenger in the dingy splashed and bounced about like we were on a ride at the amusement park. Finally, we made it to the reefs and we all jumped out and went straight into our snorkelling. While we were out on the reef, some of us were lucky enough to see a reef shark, some giant clams and a plethora of beautiful fish.

Back on the boat the remainder of us entertained ourselves by jumping off the ship and attempting to kiss the mermaid under the bowsprit in the hopes of earning a chocolate promised to those of us who succeeded, by the skipper. Finally, after all the swimming fun was over, the race for the showers began.

After everyone had fought their way into a shower, we undertook the last knot-tying competition of the voyage; a challenge involving every knot we had learnt. The times were very close, but the final results saw Red Watch claim their first victory of the voyage.

Soon after the rope-tying challenge had concluded, our wonderful chef Hugh called us down watch by watch to enjoy our last dinner aboard South Passage: pork chops. Over dinner, watches began the final last minute cramming for their fast approaching acts in our end of voyage talent show.

The talent show featured every person aboard South Passage. Acts ranged from poetry readings, interpretive dances, the Australian National Anthem, pole dancing and many more. The event was MC’d by Georgia – a member of Blue Watch – who not only provided outstanding introductions to all of the acts, but even offered a brief summary review at the conclusion of each act. All of this she undertook whilst still wearing her costume from her watch’s performance: a saucepan which she proudly wore atop of her head. At the end of the show, everyone joined in the singing/dancing of ‘Father Abraham’, led by Red Watch leader Tony (or Mr Someone as he is sometimes known).

Prior to the show starting however, the positions of: Skipper, Sailing Master and Navigator were filled in preparation for the crew takeover of South Passage tomorrow. The final results saw Hana-Lena elected to the position of Skipper, Benn elected to the position of Sailing Master and Charlotte elected to the position of Navigator.

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