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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: General Public Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180707

FROM: Cairns TO: Cairns

DATE: 10 July 2018

POSITION: Snapper Island

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

As the crew manned their positions on the South Passage, they departed from luscious, tropical waters of the Low Isles and set sail for a new destination. Under the captains orders we slowly entered the shallow waters of Port Douglas with the sails raised high. Although challenging, the skipper managed to pull the ship and dock it in the marina at around 12:00.

After the crew had rested up, grabbed some refreshing beverages and had their twenty minute showers, water was gathered for the ship and new gas bottles were fitted. We left the marina with our sails high and our spirits higher on a new journey. The destination was Snapper Island. After a smooth sail the captain told us to drop the anchor near some fishing trawlers. The skipper jumped in the rubber ducky and skimmed over to one of the trawlers with nothing but a Cherry Ripe and high hopes. The skipper returned with a big grin and a box stacked with prawns.

Once settling down, an arduous game of nautical trivia was forced upon us but soon finished and resulted in many tired sailors who will now sleep through the night.

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