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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: General Public Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180707

FROM: Cairns TO: Cairns

DATE: 9 July 2018

POSITION: Low Islets

REPORT BY: Red Watch

Today we had pancakes for breakfast that were cooked by our lovely chef and we also had Mexican burritos for lunch which were very tasty.  We learnt many new things today such as sailing in the dark and finding different planets in the sky. Today was also the first time that we attempted a gybe, a process which changes the sails of the ship from one side to the other whilst steering the stern into the wind.

The conditions today were calmer compared to those we experienced yesterday, however they were still a bit choppy. First up today, we sailed back from our overnight position at Sudbury Reef to Fitzroy Island, where some of us went ashore and undertook a bushwalk to the Fitzroy Island Lighthouse. During the walk, Jackson rolled his ankle in the mud half way to the lighthouse. We had to carry him down the hill for a while and then he got offered a lift in a car by one of the residents for the rest of the way to the beach until he eventually got his way to the dingy to catch it back to the boat. After strapping his ankle with ice for a few hours, the swell of the ankle went down and he was able to walk on it.

Others opted to stay aboard, where they jumped off the boat, kissed the mermaid and took part in some swimming. We witnessed phosphorescence in the water which glowed as we travelled past in the evening. This was a wonderful experience to encounter. Along with this, all watches were involved on deck with tidying up the foresail and the mainsail by applying gaskets and applying backstays.

Our chef Hugh cooked delicious Mexican burritos for lunch, and steak with gravy and hearty vegetables for dinner. This was polished off with a sticky date pudding, adorned with custard for dessert. Our chef never ceases to amaze us with his creations!

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