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South Passage Daily Report


VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180623

FROM: Cairns TO: Cairns

DATE: 26 June 2018


REPORT BY: Blue Watch

Three of us woke up at 5 am to do our watch, then at 6 the rest of blue group was woken up to polish the brass around the helm. At 6:30 we woke up the rest of the ship with a bugle and some pan lids and singing. Next was cold breakfast that cook Cath had prepared earlier, which included cereal, juice and fruit. Then we had our knot competition which was a clove hitch, the blue team came second. Following this, Cath made the crew the main breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast and fruit. Then we cleaned up the ships toilets and our bunks etc.

We went upstairs and set sail. Once we were going it only rained once and it was only spitting but still very windy, the sun actually stayed out for most of the day, surprisingly some of the clothes and towels actually dried. Then we sailed past Green Island and were on our way to Vlasoff Cay. But when we got there the mooring line that was left was too short, so we moved on to Upolu Cay where we dropped anchor so the majority of us jumped in and swam in the freezing cold water and then came downstairs to figure out that we could fit more than one person in the bathroom at a time, we could fit 24 people.

After dinner we had the election for the skipper, sailing master and navigator, as well as watch leaders. Then we had a talent show and Gamu and Jeremy won.

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