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South Passage Daily Report


VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180623

FROM: Cairns TO: Cairns

DATE: 24 June 2018

POSITION: Fitzroy Is

REPORT BY: White Watch

Day 2 was definitely an eye-opener. We started our first shift at 5 am which was extremely hard to do after attempting to recover from the rough night’s sleep. Our first duty was to do some log book work and doing a general deck check to ensure we hadn’t moved and or any other issues occur. The weather made this extremely difficult as it was ranging from good to bad frequently. Peter had been running late so by the time we finished our shift the rest of the crew was awake. We then had breakfast and got ready for the day. We began our voyage to Fitzroy Island.

The weather did not seem to want to cooperate with us as it continued to on and off rain the whole trip. Before departure we had to lift the anchor this was a fun task and had everyone in the teams on their feet trying to help one another.  During the journey we had to raise and lower sails with assistance of the South Passage staff. We used our newfound knowledge on how to work ropes e.g. hauling, sweating. Watching the team work together and push their limits was quite amazing and having to move outside of your comfort zone and test your strength physically and mentally was hard. Having such a dedicated staff was also amazing and made the experience 100 times better since you always felt supported.

As we drew closer to Fitzroy we had to put the sails down. The team tied up by flaking the ropes. We reached Fitzroy and swam for a bit before going up and climbing to the lighthouse. This was challenging but the view certainly made it worth it. By the time we got back we were exhausted and cold, we got changed and had showers before starting activities like the rope knotting challenge (Which we won!). This was followed by a dinner which proved it was worth the wait, Thanks Kath. We later sat around and had a pretty chilled night singing and talking and enjoying one another’s presence before starting watch again. Gamu & Germaine

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