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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Peace Lutheran College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180610

FROM: Townsville TO: Cairns

DATE: 12 June 2018

POSITION: Fitzroy Island

REPORT BY: Red Watch

Today we woke up to the beautiful sunrise this morning, it was so cold like every other morning for the last four days we have been on this ship. It was such an amazing experience. My team got up at 5:00am in the morning because we had to start our watch and polish the brass. Our watch leader said, “It would make us warm because we were so cold”, and it did. Then first we had cold  breakfast followed by hot breakfast as we left Dunk Island which was beacon and egg it was so good. All of the group got ready to prepare to raise the sails.

We started our journey for the day off to Fitzroy Island heading up north back to Cairns, today as another great day, but what made it so great was the amazing food we got to eat, the different places we passed, the company of our watch leader sharing stories with us.  We saw many amazing things today such as a sleeping turtle that we went and disturbed (at first we didn’t know what it was that’s why went there) and flying fish passing the ship also dolphins swimming past us.

As we were about to approach Fitzroy island, skipper had his lines out, he was pulling one of his line up then realized he had a young mackerel on his line. Everyone was happy that he got a fish because he was trying so hard for the last three days, then he released it was too young so he had to throw it back into the ocean. After that Roger was rolling his line in then one of the students who went to help him, pulled the line in together caught a bigger size mackerel than skipper’s but it just fell off as we tried to pull it up into the ship.

As we got closer to Fitzroy Island, we had to lower the sails to get ready for our last night sleeping in the ship. Then we anchored at Fitzroy Island, there was a beautiful and psychedelic sunset that displayed colours of purple, pink, orange and yellow. It was a Kodak moment that made everyone get their cameras out to take photos, and Fitzroy Island had such amazing view. The beach was shining like gold, and the crystal clear water, that you can see lots of spectacles things among the coral reef even the resorts on the island was so remarkable, everything was like a dream come true for all of the students.  It’s a trip that we will all remember, and maybe sometime in the future do again.

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