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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Townsville Flexi School

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180604

FROM: Mackay TO: Townsville

DATE: 6 June 2018

POSITION: Gloucester Island

REPORT BY: White Watch

We woke at five am, at Shaw Island, and got up to polish the brass at the helm, it turned into a contest as to who could polish the best. At half past six Angus (W1) and Kodey (W3) played the bugle to wake the other teams up (Blue, Green and Red). When everybody had awoken, Hugh (The cook) served cold breakfast, cereal and hot porridge with a choice of apple or orange juice. After we had breakfast we tidied our bunks and got ready for the second knot competition, which of course we valiantly won. One by one, the teams descended into the coach house to get hot breakfast: hash browns and spaghetti on toast.

When everyone had finished their breakfast and chores (tidying the main cabin and bathrooms) we all went up on deck to our Watch’s position for the day at the bow to raise the Jib and Staysail. As a team we prepared to raise the sails so we could get to Hayman Island for a quick swim. We had a better idea of what we were doing by our second day so we were much quicker today. When the Skipper had signalled, we raised the sails and set a course for Hayman Island. It took us about three and half hours to get there, and we had the perfect wind for sailing. On the journey we saw a pod of dolphins which got the whole crew hyped.

Once we picked up the mooring at Hayman Island, we finished lunch dishes and it was finally the moment everyone was waiting for, SWIM TIME! Everyone was so excited to get in, there were little bodies jumping from the bow rails into the very cold ocean. Personally I needed a little help and asked for a push because I was afraid of how cold it was going to be. And I was right. It was freezing, but in a lovely and relaxing way. I stayed in the water the longest and kissed the mermaid to complete the challenge. I am super proud of myself, and of course everyone else that managed the test of strength.

After a long swim we got back on deck to get prepared to set sail for Gloucester Island where we would anchor for the night. The tired wet bodies were keen to get the sails up so that they could relax and possibly have a nap.

We got the sails up fairly quickly and this particular journey across the sea was very rough and the ship experienced a lot of leaning to one side. Even the poor cook, who had been slaving away to make our dinner, got the raw end of the ship’s leaning and a catastrophe occurred in the kitchen. Luckily it was quickly and effectively fixed.

We enjoyed looking out onto the ocean and the many islands we passed, as well as working together as a team to get a whole ship across the sea. That is pretty impressive in my opinion. I found the most rewarding thing about this trip is the opportunity to make new friends and learn new things. We look forward to the rest of the trip, and as we sit here on our night watch writing this text we are super excited to get into bed and have some well deserved sleep.


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