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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Townsville Flexi School

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180604

FROM: Mackay TO: Townsville

DATE: 5 June 2018

POSITION: Shaw Island

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

We left Townsville on Monday June 4th and drove 5 hours south to Mackay and we were in 2 buses. We had 14 young teenagers and 4 adults in our group. We boarded South Passage at 5pm EST, made our beds and stowed our gear in lockers. After fish and chips for dinner, we re-boarded our vessel and spent the night at the marina.

We had breakfast early in the morning before setting sail north to Shaw Island. The day was fine and sunny with a light breeze and calm seas. On the way we passed Brampton Island and a number of other islands in the south Whitsunday Group.

On the voyage north, we gybed a couple of times, which involved turning the vessel’s stern through the wind and re-setting the sails. We saw a large number of coal freighters anchored off Hay’s Point waiting to be loaded up with coal. Otherwise the voyage was pleasant, but uneventful.

In the early afternoon, the wind picked up and the seas a little more choppy. We made good progress arriving at Shaw Island at 5.15pm, unfortunately, too late for a swim. We had a knot tying competition followed by a very lovely hot dinner.


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