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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: SP Training Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180529

FROM: Rosslyn Bay TO: Mackay

DATE: 1 June 2018


REPORT BY: Red Watch

Middle Percy in a sou’wester is no place to anchor for a sleep. It’s rolly. Bleary eyed, Blue Watch emerged on deck at 23.30 to raise anchor and help White Watch hoist sails. Some compensation came from the beautiful moonlight – there was no need for torches on deck – and we soon had all sail up and laid our course for Mackay.

The SM formed the view that we had too much sail up for a comfortable night so, after consulting the skipper, the decision was made to put two reefs in the main. This was a good exercise for the crew and it made steering an easier task for those on the helm, without sacrificing boat speed.

The ship rolled north towards Mackay and all on deck enjoyed the sailing as she regularly clocked over twelve knots while the SW breeze intensified through the night.

When the SM (and Red Watch) appeared on deck at 04.00, the skipper and he agreed it was time to douse the main – on the run – another useful exercise for all those on deck during the change of watch. South Passage didn’t miss a beat and continued under full fore and head sails, still making ten to twelve knots, with a lighter helm and more comfortable ride for those below.

We raced through the mass of brightly lit colliers waiting silently off Hay Point; then the first light of a pink dawn silhouetted their bulky forms behind us. It was soon time to douse all sail and motor into Mackay Marina in time for another one of Cath’s hearty breakfasts.


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