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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: SP Training Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180529

FROM: Rosslyn Bay TO: Mackay

DATE: 30 May 2018


REPORT BY: Blue Watch

The first day of the Training Voyage from Rosslyn Bay started at 6.30am where we got to watch a setting full moon and a clear sunrise over our Weeties and cuppas.

We had been joined the night before by our new Skipper Rob and the ever suave and calm Phil Woodgate. Rob entertained the troops with tales about his work towing oil rigs and horrified us all with his exploits of running half marathons. Admittedly there were a few whinges in the morning about the number of people who had been caught snoring in the main cabin, but the question remains whether this was eased or exacerbated by the early evening drinks at the Capricorn Coast Bar the night before! (Thanks to Lou for those G and Ts). Not surprisingly this had all happened before the Skipper and SM arrived.

Being a delivery voyage full of Watchleaders and trainee Watchleaders, there was some confusion about the lack of a knotting competition.  We are instead anticipating a ukulele competition among the crew using the ship’s new pink ukulele (known as the pink axe). Hopefully Phil or Lou can work out how to tune it! Right now it doesn’t sound like it!

We were finally underway out of the marina before 0800 and headed north. Sadly the winds were very slow to join us although it made for blue seas and clear skies. With the limited crew we lifted one sail at a time and a few experienced Watchleaders were reminded how to haul on the halyards. We had southerlies for much of the day but needed assistance from the engine to keep us on track.

Cath reminded us all why the kids love her by making us hamburgers for lunch. (Well loved by everyone except our beautiful Rosie the Vegan!) Cath got to test the ability of some of the Watchleaders to dry dishes. Think we rated about 6 out of 10! God knows how we will go with cleaning the heads tomorrow.

Anyway back to the sailing… Watches all got to practice their gybes which seemed much easier than normal in the light winds. Certainly there was a good spirit of camaraderie on deck that made for a very relaxing day. Also interesting to be able to focus on helping new trainees and refresh some of our Watchleader skills.

On our trip north we passed Quoin Island, Flat Island, Port Clinton and Delcomyn Island. While there was some concern about naval training exercise the Skipper managed to chart our way safely through dangerous waters to our destination, Pearl Bay.

We were joined in the picturesque bay by dolphins and a shore party went for a walk along the beach. They also said hello to a former South Passage member on a moored yacht nearby

For dinner Cath again delighted the troops with sausages, mash and gravy (poor Rosie!) It is now 8.30pm and it sounds as though all the ship (except for the ukulele players) have headed to bed looking forward to our trip to Middle Percy Island tomorrow.

As always, South Passage is providing a wonderful volunteering opportunity combined with lots of personal development and the chance to learn new skills and make new friends. Off to take the bearings!!


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