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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Rockhampton Grammar

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180526

FROM: Gladstone TO: Rosslyn Bay

DATE: 26 May 2018

POSITION: Cape Capricorn

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

We woke up at 6 o’clock and ate cold breakfast before departing Gladstone Marina at 7 o’clock. We motored out of Gladstone Harbour and rounded Facing Island. We hoisted the sails and sailed north along the east coast of Curtis Island, in a 20-25 knot south-easterly breeze, with 3 metre swell. The sail was a good learning experience, and was fun and exhilarating. A select few crew members ventured out onto the bowsprit, while safely harnessed on. This was an exciting experience and great for the thrill seekers. We took down the mainsail to take the weight off of the helm. We were travelling at speeds of up to 11 knots. We then gybed the boat on a heading to Cape Capricorn, where we arrived at 1:30pm.

At Cape Capricorn, we went ashore and walked to the lighthouse before walking to the sand dunes and sliding down them. We had a great time on the sand dunes and burned off lots of energy, while others relaxed over a good view. We stayed on the island for 1.5 hours before returning to South Passage and having a swim and a shower on deck. We had a knot tying competition where all watches competed in a race to tie a ‘round turn and two half hitches’. We then had dinner and relaxed on the boat for a few hours before our watch began at 8 o’clock.

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