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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Central Coast Rudolf Steiner School


FROM: Brooklyn TO: Brooklyn

DATE: 13 Nov 2017

POSITION: Flat Rock Point, Brooklyn

Report by: Blue Watch

Today we were all very excited because today was the day that we were going on our super exciting sailing camp!

My first impression of the boat from afar was that it looked quite small, but when we got on board, it was much bigger. When we had to board the ship we all had to go on a tender (a very, very small blow up boat) that could only hold up to 4 people, plus their luggage, and of course I got splashed HEAPS!

When we got on the boat we set up our beds and realised we had arranged bunks, but it was ok because I was still near my friends, after that we had a tour and talked about safety on the boat.

Then we had a wonderful dinner of chicken, boiled vegetables and rice, and on top of that we had a lovely dessert of apple pie and custard, it was sooooooo yum!

We had free time after that and at 8 pm our anchor watch started.

It’s been a great start to the week of our adventure! Kaia, Iluka, Callum and Declan

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