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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: St Philip’s Christian College


FROM: Sydney TO: Newcastle

DATE: 6 Nov 2017

POSITION: Lane Cove River

Report by: Blue Watch

After meeting with our class mates and teachers at the train station at 0500, we boarded the train from Broadmeadow to Central Station. Once we got to Central, we hopped onto another train that took us to Wynyard. We then had a 10 minute walk to reach Darling Harbor and, arriving earlier than scheduled, we had a 30 minute wait until South Passage arrived. When we were sailing around the harbor, it was very rough and windy, when we were at the heads it got very rough and a lot of people got wet. We learnt about the different techniques on how to use the ropes and the sails. We were divided into groups (called watches) that we would work within shifts throughout the whole trip.

During one of the shifts, the rain and wind picked up and it was terribly hard to see through it. Everyone ended up getting drenched from the rain as most of us were outside on deck. After sailing around the harbour for the day, we anchored at Lane Cove River in Sydney Harbour. We played a competitive game on how fast we called tie knots, with Blue Watch winning in the end. The dinner was very well prepared, it was chicken with vegies and rice. Everyone settled down after dinner and got into dry and warm clothes and we all just relaxed and had fun. First day completed.

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