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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: St Philips Christian College


FROM: Coffs Harbour TO: Port Stephens

DATE: 16 Oct 2017

POSITION: Broughton Island

Report by: Blue Watch

This morning we were woken by Cohen blowing the bugle proceeding all of the other guys having a crack. This started us off for the day. Many of us had been up for night watch throughout the night and we gladly accepted the hot breakfast given to us by the cook Cath.

At 7 am we assembled at the starboard side of the main mast to compete at knot tying. We had to tie the figure of eight knot the fastest to fight for 1st place. After we had finished the competition we started to set up the sails. We had a big day ahead of us. We had to travel 110 nautical miles to reach our new destination Broughton Island, Coal Shaft Bay. With the weather looking much better than yesterday and many of the previous seasick improving, we set sail.

We then started our shifts alternating between the different watches (blue, red and white). With the deck on a constant angle (almost vertical!) we all found a place to sit (mainly on the walls) and settled in for the 16 hour trek ahead of us. With the sun beating down on us many chose to go below into the cabin to sleep while some chose to find a sunny spot on deck to sleep on, giving many of us red faces.

We continued to sail through the night with watches alternating. As the blue watch assembled at 12 am for our four hour shift we learnt that it would be our job to pack up the sails in the freezing midnight winds. We anchored at Coal Shaft bay at 12:30 am. While the rest of the crew were down below resting for the new day to come.

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