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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: General Public Voyage


FROM: Hervey Bay TO: Manly

DATE: 25 Sept 2017

POSITION: Big Woody Is

Report by: Blue Watch

First night on board was dockside in the harbour which ensured a good night’s sleep, well preparing us for our much anticipated voyage from Hervey Bay Urangan Harbour. After leaving the marina at 0900 hours we quickly encountered the ferocious nature of the ocean with high winds and a choppy sea, we soon saw the challenge of raising the sails.

These challenging conditions re directed the intention to go to Platypus Bay to view the whales. Given the strong northerly winds, South Passage was instead directed towards Burrum Heads and later, to ‘calmer waters’. Unfortunately, hoisting the sails was not without tumult and several crew mates found themselves queasy. The sea sickness victims even included some of the experienced watch leaders. After struggling through a rather rocky lunch break, we found safe anchorage behind Big Woody Island. During the course of this voyage, each crew member was able to steer behind the helm and other nautical duties.

We were very excited to spot our first whale pod near Big Woody Island despite the detour; a few members can even boast having seen dolphins. Shortly after anchoring, the much awaited Knot-tying Competition took place which saw each watch crew competing to complete the round-turn two half hitches knot fastest.

After the social competition, we enjoyed a delicious roast dinner and continued to meet more people on our voyage whilst appreciating the setting sun. Then we returned to our shared cabin and prepared for our night watches.

In our first day of travelling, we formed new friendships with the crew within our watch and leaders. Opportunities arose during the venture which we happily grasped in the true nature of South Passage. We all underwent new experiences in sailing and learnt essential skills which will stand us in good stead for the rest of this voyage.

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