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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Peace Lutheran College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20230611

FROM: Townsville to Cairns

DATE: 14 June 2023

POSITION: Fitzroy Is

REPORT: White Watch

Today is day four and we set sail from Mourilyan Harbour and travelled to Fitzroy Island. We were on watch from ten to twelve and six to eight, in that time we did chart work, did more work in our booklet. We woke up this morning to the funny attempts of team blue attempting to play the bugle, and then continued to breakfast where we started off with the cold breakfast that consisted of cereal, banana, and fruit juice.

After everyone had freshened up, we all made our way to the deck to hear the brief for the day and participated in the knot tying competition between the three different groups. Today’s knot challenge was the sheet bend knot, were we finished at second and team blue coming first and red coming third place. We then had some hot breakfast which was pancakes and banana with some maple syrup, vegemite, and many other toppings. Everyone then went to their groups and started getting ready to get to our stations to get ready to set sail, the ocean was very calm and the weather was cool and breezy.

While sailing today our group was spread out throughout the mainsail, some were on main sheet, vangs, throat halyard, peak halyard, and reef lines. We used teamwork, communication, and leadership to accomplish our aim for the day. Our bosun for today was Natasha and she gave out the orders for today, making sure that everyone had a position and she really put the leader in leadership.

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