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South Passage Daily Report



FROM: Manly TO: Manly

DATE: 11 Sept 2017

POSITION: Big Sandhills, Moreton Is

Report by: Blue Watch

Arrived Manly at 0945 and started voyage around 1100. First, we were given a safety brief and put into our watch groups. We then had a tour of the sailing boat and set up our beds. Everyone then went up to the top of the boat to begin learning what sailing will entail over the next four days. The three watch groups split up to learn how their third of the boat is set up.

Once the boat was set up and sailing the groups began to have lunch. Lunch was a sandwich with toppings of our choice and was enjoyed by all. After lunch the groups assembled up the top again to continue learning how to sail to our destination. We learnt how to tack and one watch group at a time was assigned to handle the responsibilities of the boat. During this time a few got sea sick and lost their lunch, as well as spotting dolphins.

After we had arrived at our destination the groups went back to their third of the boat to put the sails down. This was then followed by a swim in the ocean by many. The water was freezing and deep, however our chaplain loved the water and was in their longest. Dugongs and turtles were spotted. After the time for swimming a knot tying competition took place and was won by clearly the best watch group, the blue watchers followed closely by the red watchers and terribly behind by the white watchers.

Clear instructions were given to not have a shower before dinner. Dinner was chicken drumsticks with rice, sauce, carrots and peas with apple pie and custard for desert. The trainees then relaxed and began to prepare for bed.

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