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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Peace Lutheran College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20230611

FROM: Townsville to Cairns

DATE: 13 June 2023

POSITION:  Mourilyan Harbour

REPORT: Blue Watch

On Day 3 of the voyage Blue Crew had the 2400-0400 watch where we focused on bearings and navigation work. Red was in charge of the wake-up call, with Honey playing the bugle (Honey was way better than Josh’s performance the day before).

Like the other mornings we had cold breakfast consisting of cereal and porridge, and a hot breakfast with delicious bacon, eggs, and toast. White Crew won the first rope competition of the day which was the Bowline Knot. After that we soon set sail for our destination of Mourilyan Harbour, stopping on the way at Kent Island for a swim.

On the way to Kent, we sailed through multiple rain showers, however, the sun came out as we arrived at the island. Lots of the crew took the opportunity to jump overboard for a swim whilst others were ferried to the shore in the dinghy. We explored the rocks, looked for pretty shells and even collected sea glass/rubbish. People also decided to appetize on ‘fresh’ oysters off the rocks and others elegantly made their way up the sharp coral dunes and skipped rocks.

Whilst sailing the seas many of us not on watch piled into the main cabin to play various card games and to rest and nap because of the rain. We only stopped this when it was time to raise/lower the sails and to eat lunch/snack time. The spaghetti bolognaise was devoured for lunch and the questionably textured and tasting watermelon was munched on at snack time.

After a short trip from Kent Island, we entered the magnificent Mourilyan Harbour where we set anchor twice. We then conducted another roping competition with the Clove Hitch. Dinner was served soon after as a delicious steak and veggies followed by cheesecake for dessert, (shout out to Cath!) 

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