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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Townsville Sail & Walk

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20230603

FROM: Townsville to Townsville

DATE: 8 June 2023

POSITION: Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Is

REPORT: Blue Watch

We woke at Pioneer Bay, Orpheus Island, to clearing sky after some rain overnight-consequently the sails were full of water and Bryan was drenched when we raised the sails. The sea was like a millpond for the first time on the trip.

At the early morning ‘Sheet bend’ knotting demonstration, an extraordinarily creative presentation by Blue Watch disrupted the accepted proof of competence with this knot by creating a circle to represent the connectedness of this awesome team!

We set sail on a port tack, close hauled into a moderate southerly breeze to Esk island where people swam from the ship. Roger impressed with his strength and dexterity through his ability to haul himself up to kiss the ship’s figurehead, the mermaid.

After an early lunch several people took the tender to the beach for a swim and short walk on the island. A ghost net was salvaged from the beach by Jeff and Cathy and the rope attached has been incorporated into the latest of her stunning baskets. They are all made from objects retrieved from beaches.

As we prepared to leave Esk Island, we all noticed a large school of fish leaping from the water. We could only speculate about what was pursuing them. The afternoon sail was a straight tack to Horseshoe Bay, however Red Watch was so keen to hone their tacking skills, that South Passage undertook 3 additional, but perhaps unnecessary tacks.

We arrived in Horseshoe Bay just before sunset and immediately embarked on the penultimate knotting demonstration- the ‘Rolling Hitch’! We enjoyed a final evening meal together, reflecting on the wonderful week we’ve had.

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