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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Somerset College


FROM: Manly TO: Manly

DATE: 31 August 2017

POSITION: Tangalooma

Report by: Red Watch

Today was our toughest day yet. It was CRAZZZYY! First up in the morning was the double knot competition, the bowline and clove-hitch. Red watch was up at the crack of dawn to both mentally and physically prepare for the long day ahead. The other teams’ performances were like the spaghetti served for breakfast – sloppy. But Damo’s Devils (red watch) were KNOT.

Spirits were soaring like a golden eagle as we sailed out onto the open seas, prepared for the most treacherous conditions ahead. Spirts plummeted quickly. The pills were popped and yet they did little for some. 15 minutes in and we already had two victims. The boat lurched from side to side, spilling salt water over the edge. The skipper had it all under control until the students and Damo took over. From this point on all hell broke loose. There was screaming, frantic panic, people in distress and no porridge for breakfast. It was hard times for all. Limits were pushed, and ropes were sweated. Sails were hoisted by some of the best crew members ever seen from Somerset College.

As we sailed across the big blue sea, some of the students painted rainbows through the water. And yet hungry bellies were craving for HUGHS (whose) food? Hugh’s food. And yet despite some inappropriate glove wear, we were able to make it to Tangalooma, ready for a night of BIG dreams.

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