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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Somerset College


FROM: Manly TO: Manly

DATE: 30 August 2017

POSITION: Currigee, Gold Coast

Report by: White Watch

6am: White watch on duty. The ship had turned in the night. First duty was to polish the brass at the helm. There were dolphins off the stern in 2 pods. Chef Hugh made delicious breakfast foods for the crew. There was a knot competition between the three watches where the White Watch came out victorious with the reef knot. Some went swimming via jumping off the boat. The aim was to kiss the mermaid which was achieved by few. The water was cold yet, swimming continued for a further thirty minutes. The sails were then hoisted and we departed. Many sat on the bowsprit. We motor sailed across the bay as the wind was light. At this point we were off duty and were practicing our knots for the upcoming figure of eight knot comp. Lunch was then served- a salad sandwich. The alarm then sounded and an emergency sail drop was in action. The emergency sail drop was successful, but the ship was left in an untidy mess- ropes everywhere and sails all over the place. Responsibilities were then returned to white watch as we then continued to track our progress on the chart as well as monitoring the various beacons and steering the vessel. This tour of duty lasted three hours.

At anchor destination which was near South Stradbroke Island, we saw another Somerset camp (fishing). As the sun began to set, we admired the view and repelled peers who attempted to swim to the boat. We had our second knot tying competition, white watch was finally defeated, and came in at a shocking third place, due to serious distraction by other watch groups, so disappointing.

The ambience at this point was beautiful. The sun was setting, dolphins frolicking through the water and a nice breeze to accompany the crimson horizon. Hugh prepared bangers and mash for the crew and it was 10/10. There was much banter with John and associated crew members in regards to our 4/10 rating for Duty watch earlier in the day. We aimed to redeem ourselves by a combination of pleading and gentle persuasion however, we were not successful. Watch Leader John was too smart for our emotional blackmail. He stated, “I did not come down in the last shower of rain.” Jess was heartbroken as well as the rest of the watch.

Dessert came next. It was rich and creamy with a choice of cream or custard. Followed by #4 of each group on wash up duty. We sang the school hymn, Deo Confidimus. Teacher Mrs Lee kept us all in the right pitch, thanks to her and her perfect pitch, we were able to sound like angels sent from heaven. Jason lectured us about mathematics and I learned nothing. And here we sit, in the galley, writing genius literary material, all in one day. Jess  & Anna

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