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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Somerset College


FROM: Bundaberg TO: Manly

DATE: 27 August 2017

POSITION: Great Sandy Straits

Report by: White Watch

Day two of our voyage started at 4am when we awoke to start our rostered watch as White Watch. We spent most of this time completing our Voyage handbook activities before spending the remaining time cleaning the brass parts of the ship (from the significant spray on day one). We then returned to below deck to wake the other sailors up and have breakfast.

After eating and preparing ourselves we took turns in being ferried across to Fraser Island for some down time that included swimming, beach walking and games of Frisbee. The water was extremely clear and blue and we all had an amazing time. Then we returned to the ship for lunch and a knot tying competition.

As the wind was not strong we used the motor to get going and navigate our way along the Coast of Fraser Island for the rest of the day, rotating through the watches.

We saw countless whales, some just metres away from the boat (and we were fortunate enough to also see a baby whale with its mother). Dolphins and turtles were also a common sight, which resulted in some amazing photos and an overall unforgettable experience.

We anchored for dinner then White Watch was on the first night shift from 8pm-midnight. We took the anchor up and sailed, watching out for the green and red buoys. Our role was to count how many seconds each flashed for and hence, identify which buoy was which on our map. This ensured we were still heading in the right direction as we had little other ways of determining where we were headed in the dark.

After an extremely long day from 4am until midnight for White Watch, we headed down to bed to prepare ourselves for the 6:30am wake up on day 3 that awaited us. Blue Watch took over from there with the small hours of the morning shift, before handing over to Red Watch who took the early morning shift. Trudi and Annika

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