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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Somerset College


FROM: Bundaberg TO: Manly

DATE: 26 August 2017

POSITION: Wathumba, Fraser Is

Report by: Blue Watch

We were awoken by the muffled bugle from behind the bathrooms we had just learnt how to use. The boat rocked in the Bundaberg marina where we learnt all the basics, and our assigned positions for that day. Breakfast was served in two courses, cereal then the hot stuff. The skipper turned off the power supply and was forced to plug the toaster in on the land and we formed a human conveyor belt to get the toast back to the galley.

Everyone was very excited to set sail, with a windy day and sun shining ahead of us, it looked promising. Sea sickness kicked in for a few unfortunate souls, as did the splashback for those nearby. With nausea left, right and centre, the waves eventually settled and most of us decided to take a nap. Woken again, this time by the tacking of the sails, we finally began to settle in to our respective roles. We soon realised that steering at the helm was not as easy as in Pirates of The Caribbean.

As we approached Fraser Island, 24o57.4445  153o13.114, whales breached beside the boat and the lowering of the sails proved to be a challenging task. The sun set past the horizon and we all prepared for a wonderful hot dinner. Sun kissed and wind burnt, pink cheeks were smiling at the dinner table. The Uno and card games broke laughter and the drowsy people have begun to fade. Katherine and Jason

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