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South Passage Daily Report



FROM: Rosslyn Bay TO: Bundaberg

DATE: 24 August 2017

POSITION: Pancake Creek

Report by: Red Watch

Today Veronica, Jess and Anna woke up at 4am for their watch, and Connor and Cody at 5am; and completed their blue booklets. At 6am the whole red team joined together to clean the brass. After breakfast, all teams had the knotting competition for the bowline knot and red team came out on top as expected. After this Veronica and Connor cleaned while the rest of the team started practising for the backstay competition. Veronica and Connor joined after completing cleaning. Our continuing domination of the other teams was once again shown in the backstay competition.

After singing happy birthday to Connor and receiving out sweet prizes, we set off for Pancake Creek. All teams worked together to hoist the sails. We arrived at Pancake Creek at approximately 2:30pm, and all teams set off for the longgg exhauussttingg uphill walk that left everyone dripping with sweat! Everyone read and looked at the creepy stories of the history of the lighthouse then visited the graveyard of the people who had lived there in the past. Then everyone walked back to the boat and we had a knotting competition for the single sheet bend knot. Once again without disappointing, Red Came On Top!

Then everyone had a delicious dinner and chilled out for a few hours. We then decided on the students that were going to take on the responsibility of Skipper, Sailing master and Navigator. Anna, Veronica

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