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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: General Public Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20230523

FROM: Rosslyn Bay to Mackay

DATE: 24 May 2023

POSITION: Middle Percy Is

REPORT: Red Watch

It was a cold, dark, and stormy night for Red Watch who cheerfully shouldered the responsibility of monitoring a ship pestered by currents, swell, and heavy squalls in what the skipper had promised (he promised!) would be a gentle and somnolent anchorage at South Percy Island. Blue watch took over at 0400 hrs to light winds and showers and proceeded to do a marvellous job on polishing the brass while Dave caught up on his beauty sleep and white watch, unsurprisingly, slept in.

The bugle was expertly sounded at 0700 hrs. Porridge was had, then all hands participated in a knotting competition won by some irrelevant watch. Then followed a delicious hot breakfast prepared by Cath.

Roger bamboozled Ed by demonstrating the internal intricacies of the gypsy and human powered windlass, which was followed by the ship’s company raising the anchor the old-fashioned way. With 80m of chain to be raised against a stiff breeze and strong current, and some of the more, ahem, “venerable” crew were more than a little challenged keeping pace with our youngsters. We all agree that Caelen has clearly found his calling flaking the chain in the anchor locker – a job he clearly enjoys and does with diligence and good cheer.

Owing to the conditions only the headsail was raised (expertly, by RED WATCH) for our voyage to Middle Percy Island.

Middle Percy Island—majestic and breath taking—home to many natural wonders. The sea glimmered as the radiating sun reflected of the deep blue sea, the sky partially filled with clouds rolling from the South bringing strong winds and patchy rain. The first adventure upon the island was visiting the well decorated, Percy Island Yacht Club built from wooden framing forming an A frame shelter. This historic placed held countless memory from all who had visit before – plaques, burgees and inscription filled the shelter from top to bottom each boat leaving its mark on such a spiritual place. Our parties then separated, some choosing to swim and others to walk the trail around the island. The untouched natural flora and fauna captivated the crew, many taking a moment to soak in its every essence.

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