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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: ISPA Japan Voyage


FROM: Townsville TO: Mackay

DATE: 13 August 2017

POSITION: Kennedy Sound, Shaw Is

Report by: Red Watch

On the 6th day of our voyage we awoke in Cid Harbour to another beautiful, clear day and after breakfast we were ferried to the beach to teach the exchange students some cricket. We played for an hour or so before heading back for lunch and a swim from the ship. We set sail soon afterwards with the drone footage captured from the shadow boat, including the whole crew standing along the rail to give a Mexican wave.

Under full sail we pushed south heading for Kennedy Sound and our anchorage for the night. Some highlights of the sail were a mother whale supporting her baby calf on the surface as we slipped quietly by, a picturesque lighthouse on Dent Island as well as lots of turtles in Cid Harbour.


Rather a laid back day, with no real on-board activity apart from the usual post breakfast efforts, until after lunch and the sails were set in the afternoon for Shaw Island.

In preparation for the sail day it was arranged to set up a back stay competition to hone the crew’s skills. I have to say that the exercise was ably and duly won by Blue Watch. So look out for your prize money guys!

After saying good bye to the shadow boat a series of tacking duels took place on our way to Shaw Island until finally our destination appeared just on night fall.

“How will we know where all the ropes are in the dark?” was the question.

“They are in the same place as they were in the day,” was the answer. Needless to say the sails were dropped in reasonable fashion considering it was the first time that this crew had completed the operation in the dark.

The day also allowed us to finish the rounds of the knotting competition, with a final half point win by the White Watch over Blue. There was much jubilation in the White Watch camp as they began to realise they were also in the running for the big prize money! (ha ha).

Monday has been set aside as command day when the trainees (crew) are responsible for the running of the ship. Today (its Monday now) they will be able led by Shigeru (Captain) Ashlee (SM) and Albert (Navigator), with Will, David and Lewis as the duly appointed Watch Leaders. A happy outcome for the ISPA organisers.

Another post script to our international efforts to inform us that crew is continually improving their integration skills. A bit of Aussie slang appears to be creeping in. “Goodonyamate!”

So as we about to ring 2 bells in the morning watch, it’s almost time to say, Ohaya gozaimasu and good morning to you too.

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