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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: General Public Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20230529

FROM: Airlie Beach to Townsville

DATE: 29 May 2023


REPORT: White Watch

Yesterday found South Passage in her rightful place lying alongside luxury super yachts at Coral Seas Marina, Arlie Beach. Rebecca, Di, Louise, Neil, and Sailing Master Robyn joined the South Passage that afternoon, just in time for a delicious crew dinner at the Airlie Beach Sailing Club. After dinner, Skipper Peter familiarised the ships’ company with his preferred subset of licensed establishments of Airlie Beach.

After a hearty breakfast of porridge, cereal, and toast, we departed Airlie beach, raised sails, and made for the treacherous Hook Passage, a beautiful, tidal, whirlpool-infested channel between Hook and Whitsunday Islands. Rebecca said she saw a crocodile making passage near Pinnacle Point but we think it was a pair of turtles.

After tacking through the narrow Hook Passage, we sailed South along the Eastern Side of Hook Island, with Dumbell Island on our port side, and then picked up a mooring at a small cove charmingly named Tongue Bay. The ships’ company proceeded ashore to walk to a lookout on the other side of Whitsunday Island where we enjoyed spectacular views of the world class Whitehaven and Chalkies Beaches. Dave, Ed, and Roger then walked to Whitehaven Beach. Ed contributed to international relations by assisting a beach loving tourist with her selfies.

Returning to the ship by tender, Roger raised our spirits by handing out his private supply of Tim Tams. We then raised sails and made way for the top of Hook Island. Sailing close to Whitsunday Island we enjoyed a great look at the unique geography of the island dominated by Whitsunday Cairn.

The setting sun saw us dropping sails and nestling into Maureen’s Cove. But we were not yet done! A round turn and two half hitches was knot (knot – ha!) won by white watch. A delicious meal of Chinese Chicken (stir fried. Yum!) was serenaded by Louise and Libby on their Enya (ukulele) while Roger reviewed wiring diagrams.

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