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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: General Public Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20230523

FROM: Rosslyn Bay to Mackay

DATE: 23 May 2023

POSITION: South Percy Is

REPORT: White Watch

Our watchleader took us through our safety drills and then we waved goodbye to our parents and motored out of the harbour. Soon after we turned head to wind and hoisted the sails which was hard work and took a lot of communication. According to our captain it was champagne sailing but for us dinghy sailors it was like nothing we’ve experienced. There were 3 metre swells and 20 knots, the ship rocked and rolled the whole way to Percy Island. We got to helm the 60 ton ship which was a struggle in the waves.

Jordy felt seasick so he skipped out of lunch, but since we had butter chicken for dinner Jordy couldn’t resist. The amazing chef Cathy made a delicious apricot Danish topped with custard for dessert. I can confirm you don’t go hungry on the South Passage. We were meant to stop at Pearl Bay but, because of the army exclusion zone, we had to sail until 9:30 to Percy Island, which meant we dropped the sails in pitch black. After that we put the anchor down and then drank hot chocolate and ate biscuits before knocking off for a good nights sleep. Caelan & Jordy

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